The Secret Is Out: The One Thing Husbands Really Want From Their Wives…And It’s Not Sex!

Wife, what does your husband really want from you?

Have you ever stopped to to think about this?

Like really think about it?

We can assure you that it’s not your husbands desire to see you run down and raggedy from doing countless chores and running around town for errands all in the name of love.

No, this is not what he wants from you nor for you.

But back to the question, have you ever really thought about the most important thing your husband wants from you?

Well, the answer is…


Husbands equate respect with LOVE.

Bet you weren’t expecting that one were ya? 

Listen, the one thing your husband really wants from you is respect.

That’s it.

Not homemade dinners, extravagant date nights or more sex (even though we’re pretty sure he’d be okay with that last one too) ;).

Respect is all he wants. Simple. Ta-Dah. The secret is out.

Now wife, this may not be an easy thing for you to give right now, especially if you’ve been busy with your own ideology of what makes your hubby happy.

But with a lot of practice and intentional action, it will get easier and easier to give.

You may be questioning the validity to this answer but regardless of that, it’s still true. 

Exercising respect in your relationship will solve a mountain of problems in your marriage.

Psst, here’s another secret wives…

Husbands equate respect with LOVE.

Yep, that’s right.

My own hubby told me that golden nugget himself.


If you genuinely respect your husband then he knows you love him.

You can’t say you love him; but yet be oh so disrespectful to him!

That’s not gonna work.


So let’s let that go right here and now.

The word of God says wives, respect and obey your husbands (1 Peter 3) KJV.

Ladies, did you notice that the good book didn’t say love but respect.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Aretha Voice).

Your husband should always know he is king of the casa; something that should never be compromised.

When you respect your husband, it means you support him.

It means you believe in him, you hold him in high regard, and that you’ll never talk down to him or about him.

Yea, my KING told me that.

Man I love Him!

And Boy oh boy do we love marriage!

So no more asking yourself things like am I really a great help‐ mate?

Or can another woman really do the job better than me?


YOU are his wife and he found and chose you for a reason.

He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favor with the Lord (Proverb 18:22)!

You are the Good Thing.

It’s true!

“Good Thing” is your title but it’s up to Y-O-U wife to claim and walk in it!

And even if you are walking in it, even the BEST of us need gentle reminders every now and then.

So show me a happy husband I will show you a respected one!

P. S. Even if you think your husband is not the most ideal person to respect, respect him anyway. The word didn’t say (respect) your PERFECT husband. It says wives, respect and obey your husbands. Doing this shows your loyalty to God as well as your honeylamb. Be obedient to God and watch your marriage flourish.

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The Hales