The One Thing Every Wife Wants From Her Husband That Money Can’t Buy

Has your husband ever asked you, “what do you want”?

Maybe in conversation he’s even said things like  “I go to work everyday, I provide for you and the kids, and I stopped kickin it with the fellas”. 
“So what else do you want from me”? 
If this is you, the next time he asks, tell him you just want his time.

Yes he’s a great provider, father and friend but it’s okay to still desire him to spend more time with you!

Quality time, that is.

Now we know you and your hunny spend time together but it’s important for your husband to know what quality time means to you.

Sure the two of you go to the movies often and manage to have date nights here and there but are you two really capitalizing on your time spent together?

If your conversations always circle back to the kids, or if your phones constantly buzz, blink and distract you from your spouse, this is not time well spent. 

When you’re together, does he ever tell you how blessed he is to have you or that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

Is he telling you how beautiful you are as his bride?

If he does, then make sure he keeps up the good work!

If not or you feel like he doesn’t do this enough, then we PRAY he’ll jump on the train quickly!

But to help him improve in the area, pray that God would give him ideas, wisdom and strategy when it comes to spending time with you and making you smile.

God knew you before he formed you so who better to help your husband shower you with time, love and affection?

Good right? 

We thought so too.

Jeremiah 33:3 says call unto me and I will answer thee and you thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.

Trust us, you’ll be amazed at what God reveals to him and you can come back here to thank us later 😉

We’re firm believers in applying scripture when praying for a spouse because God has insight and he will show himself to whomever asks!

Remember, going to the movies is great but as a wife you want your time to be substantiated, meaningful and certainly not boring!

You should feel as though your husband is glad to be out with you, showing you off as the queen you are, and making time stop in his world.

When your husband makes it a priority to spend quality time with you, it’s his nonverbal way of saying “I love you baby”.

Ephesians 5:25 says that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church so it’s imperative that he keeps it up.

As women, we’re delicate beings that always need to know we’re loved; especially by our husbands! 

God created us with dual features when it comes to love. 

The more we receive, the more we give out, so get your time in with your man ladies!

It will strengthen your bond as husband and wife. ❤ ❤


The Hales