Pastor Goggins was ordained and licensed as a minister under the leadership of the late pastor, Nathan L. Simmons, found of the Citadel of Hope Evangelist Church of God in Chris in 2004.  He spent eight years serving as a deacon, pastoral amour bearer and minister.

In August 2006, he and his wife, Teresa, were ordained as pastors and founded Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries in January 2007.  They knew that without faith it would be impossible to please God, so they ‘stepped out of the boat” and began to walk on water.

Pastor Goggins led TKHC’s first Bible Exploration service on Jan.2 and launched their first Sunday service six months later on May 6, 2007, with 22 people in attendance! Like a true shepherd that loves and cares for his sheep, he is admired for his fathering spirit, revelatory knowledge of the Word and his compassionate nature. He and his ministry are steadily growing and advancing the Kingdom of God one soul at a time.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Pastor Goggins also works in law enforcement for the state of Georgia and received doctorate honors from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida.  He’s been in holy matrimony with his wire for 30 years and has three children.

Pastor Goggins is also the author of True Acceptance, an incredible biography written to afford other men the opportunity to discover their divine purpose in life.  Pastor Goggins launched True Acceptance Man Mentoring Camp for young men ages 12-19 where he imparts the necessary tools for boys to become successful men.

 Co-Pastor Goggins has been preaching and teaching the gospel since 1997.  She founded Lady T. Goggins’ Ministries to provide power and authority by transforming lives through Christ Jesus.  She is known to many as a spiritual mother, mentor, coach, prayer warrior, and ” General in the Faith”.   Her approach in  ministry is truly a “take it by force” method.

In the year 2000, Co-Pastor earned a degree in Adolescent & Christian Family Counseling from Antioch Bible College and Seminary of Atlanta, Georgia.  In the same ear, she also became a licensed evangelist through the Church of God in Christ School of Ministry,

She is also the founder and visionary of the Face 2 Face  Mentoring Program and the Nathan L. Simmons Scholarship Foundation. She is the spiritual covering for Wailinvg Wives Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

Co- Pastor Goggins has authored two books, My Prayer Journey-The Life of an Intercessor and Trained to Conquer: A Strategic Manual to Intercession and received doctorate honors from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida.

She serves along side her husband, Pastor Thomas Goggins.  They fully confess Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord overall. They know they have been given the power and authority to subdue and occupy until the second coming of Christ.

Her greatest desire is to be totally and completely used by God.  She wants to relinquish every dream, idea and mantle so that she can leave earth empty. To God be all the Glory.