We have several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. 

Ministry Listings


Prophetic intercession and corporate prayer are staples within TKHC. Led by Co-Pastor Goggins, the ministry conducts prayer services and instructs on building healthy lifestyles of prayer throughout the year.

The Remnant Youth Department

The Remnant’s mission is to give youth an in-depth, biblical understanding of what God loves, versus what He hates. They strive to make clear distinctions on what it means to live a life dedicated to Christ while learning to turn away from everything that doesn’t represent Him.

Kingdom Leadership Development

Our servant leaders are mandated to execute 5-Star leadership qualities, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, at all times. To help equip our personnel and community leaders for various leadership roles, TKHC sponsors quarterly leadership trainings.

Women of Excellence

WOE thrives on collectively uplifting, celebrating and building women. They enjoy quarterly fellowship outings and organize female-focused events and services within the ministry.

Men's Corner

Led by Pastor Thomas Goggins, Men’s Corner instructs on achieving manhood through Godly principles. He uses real-time examples and common male challenges to advance the mindsets of men, regardless of age or origin.

Dance Ministry

The TKHC Praise Dancers are a dynamic, strategic team of individuals who are skilled in and share a passion for the art of dance. They travel to minister and instruct on consecrated lifestyles and techniques for ministers of dance.

Covenant Marriage Ministry

Strong families build strong communities and strong communities build great churches! The Covenant Ministry provides tools and resources for husbands and wives, to help maintain healthy marital relationships through retreats, counseling and mentoring programs.

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