Connecting the Right Way

The right connections are crucial to the success of our lives.

I’ve been thinking about connections lately in every aspect of my life. The connections I have with coworkers.

My connections with friends. The connections I’ve made professionally.

The connections within my family and the connections I’ve made with people in ministry.

What are you connected to?

We connect to people, organizations, ideas, groups, churches and whatever else we’re drawn to for different reasons.

Entrepreneurs looking for a “leg up” in the industry, seek out mentors and those with similar ideas of success.

Athletes training for the Olympics want to be connected to the best training programs, coaches, and fellow athletes in their field.

On the other hand, some of us are connected to things we have no rhyme or reason for. We’re all in and don’t know why.

Why are you are connected to______?

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I had a friend in college who desperately wanted to become a member of a certain sorority on campus.

I learned that she was in a legacy family and dreamed of becoming a member of this organization since she a young girl.

She was so adamant about it that one day I simply asked, “why do YOU want to be a _____ so bad?”

As her friend, I wanted to understand the passion and determination behind her goal.

She couldn’t give me a real answer.

I was expecting an intricate explanation and track record of sorts, one of the extraordinary exploits she’d witnessed or was apart of ( things the organization probably did achieve) but that’s not what I heard my friend say.

Instead, her response was vague and along the lines of “all the women in my family are” and “I just really wanna get in”.

I often reflect on that small conversation as a reminder of the importance of knowing my “why”.

Why I say certain things.

Why I don’t say certain things.

Why I frequent some places but not others and why I choose or choose not to connect with someone on a deeper level.

Jesus was a Connector

My greatest connection and baseline for just about every one of my “whys” is Christ.

It’s the reason I’m ever so careful who and or what I “plug” into. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, is worth this connection being severed.

In her book, From Social Media to Social Ministry: A Guide to Digital Discipleship, Nona Jones wrote something about Jesus that struck me. She said, [Jesus] was out among the people making connections and having conversations.

Connections like the ones he made with the woman at the well, the man he met who was born blind, or the woman who touched the hem of His garment.

Jesus connected with (and they with Him) each of these individuals in deep, meaningful ways, resulting in healing and a change of course in their lives.

Connections are Crucial

Connections, the right connections, are crucial to the success of our lives.

How do I make more meaningful connections in my life?

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  • Be honest with others and yourself
  • Be willing to do what’s hard but necessary
    • have the conversation, speak up, confront the things you’re avoiding
  • Be mindful, considerate and supportive of other people’s needs (don’t pretend they don’t exist or discredit them because you share a different perspective)
  • Be willing to examine yourself first and always (because sometimes, it’s YOU)

And if you live a Christ-centered life, I’d add these three from our series on Connecting With the Right Heart:

  1. Connect with new brothers and sisters in Christ that are different from you in ethnicity, thought and region.
  2. Make sure you build individual relationships instead of believing generational biases.
  3. Get ready to eat well! Once you connect with the right heart to the right person, get ready to eat well! (2 Samuel 9).

Connect Well

Connections are crucial so consider how and why you make them carefully. Keep your motives clean, free from ill intent and you’ll be on your way to better connections for years to come.

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Cheers to connecting well this year and beyond.

At His Service,


Chassidy has been a proud member of Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries for 14 years. “I love my church because it’s a place of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. It stands for everything God loves”. She serves as a minister, administrator and oversees the ministry’s social media efforts. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, traveling, writing, searching for bakeries and binge-watching her favorite movies/shows on streaming services she vows to stop paying for.


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