Welcome to Anniversary Headquarters!
May 2023 marks our 16th church anniversary! If at no other time,  this season is when we show insurmountable "church spirit" and pride for the ministry. You can join the celebration by attending the festivities May 26-27th.

Celebration Schedule

Friday, May 26th

Saturday, Math 27th

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Church History

A Look Back

Upon completing their ministry assignments under the leadership of the late Nathan L. Simmons, Thomas and Teresa Goggins answered the call to pastorship in August of 2006. They were ordained as pastors in 2007 and Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries (TKHC) was founded later that year. TKHC is a non-denominational church, with an international call and reach grounded in seven foundational principles: order, authority, obedience, prayer, humility, faith and love.

TKHC held 16 weeks of Bible Exploration services leading up to their first official Sunday service on May 6, 2007 with twenty-two people in attendance. 

The early years of TKHC were spent in several locations across Cobb County such as the Country Inn & Suites in Smyrna, event space on Benson Poole Road, and the Mableton Banquet Hall as the ministry grew in membership and faith. 

Since then TKHC has secured new spiritual covering in Bishop Vernon G. Lambe of Bermuda, has served God’s people locally and internationally and has ordained a ministerial team to labor alongside them as they continue yielding to God’s spirit as ministry unfolds each year. 

A Look Ahead

In October 2021, TKHC purchased five acres of land to house their new worship facility, affectionately known by members as Judahland

We’re currently in Phase One of our building plan: the sanctuary, which you’ll see complete sooner than you think. After the sanctuary, TKHC will establish a multi-faceted development in Mableton, GA, over the next several years. It will include a men’s vocational school, a women’s transition home, a senior living facility, a learning institution and other enterprises and affiliates. Overall, the kingdom will create jobs, and offer resources for personal and professional development and spiritual care for residents of Cobb County Georgia and beyond.

Kingdoms are all-encompassing—everything they need can be found within their gates. Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries is a beacon for God’s light, love and provision for all who seek spiritual safety and shelter. We’ve declared that we will not accept the world’s way, but vow to re-establish accountability and order back to the church. We will serve God’s people by teaching and instructing them to live a disciplined life through Christ Jesus the Lord over all. We are a healing and deliverance center, a house of prayer led by the Holy Spirit and a threshold to the kingdom of God.

Hallelujah and amen!