marriage conference 2019

Refocus, Rekindle and Revive Your Marriage!

Marriages go through stages but they’ll never stop needing to be refocused, rekindled and revived in some way, shape or form during your union. Join TKHC as they prepare to minister to those that hold the covenant of man and wife in matrimony.

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Deeper Than “I Love You”: The One Thing Couples Need Before Saying, “I Do”

Your relationship is probably great right now. You two probably complete each other’s sentences, exercise together weekly and have gotten over the “let’s meet my family” hump. That’s great! LXLMS ​​ But… Your relationship should go much, much, MUCH deeper than this. To what depths you might ask? The depths of total, unrelenting,TRUST.  By formal defintion, trust means […]

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Gift of Marriage Every Day

It may sound cliche but true love still exists, even in 2018.   Let’s face it; chaos is running rampant in relationships period, not just marriages, so we know it can be a challenge to even believe that two people can have a solid, happy marriage these days. The media always has some type of […]

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