Casualties of Love: The Importance of Marrying an Asset Versus a Liability

Hello Kingdom Couples!

It’s our prayer that you all are moving out and into the things of God!

Remember it’s our “GO” season and your “GO” season has everything to do with who you’re in covenant with.  

In this sense, we’re referring to covenant in marriage.

Your future, your childrenʼs future,  and their childrenʼs futures, depend on who you’re joined together with; an asset or liability.

Amos 3:3(KJV) poses the question, how can two walk together except they agree?

Listen, couples fight (not all the time though).

Thatʼs normal.

However, Amos 3:3 speaks to a deeper meaning of agreement such as whether you and your spouse share the same goals, if you both desire to please God with your life, and if it’s known within your family that you and your spouse (Is) one?

The dictionary defines an asset as a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.

While the word liability is commonly used in the financial sense, it also defines anything that’s a hindrance or disadvantage.


If you answered yes to all three of these questions above, then both of you are assets to one another in your marriage.

This signifies that you’re both walking along the same path headed towards your destiny!

But wait…

This path to greatness will also lead you to stumbling blocks, stubborn walls, and even hurt.

This is inevitable.

We apologize now if you thought the sun would always shine over your marriage without some rain in between.

It’s in these times that you’ll quickly learn if you married an asset or liability.

To make it more personable, let’s look at a real life example.  
I remember being a full time wife, mother, student, AND teacher having to turn in 12 page research papers by midnight every Tuesday!
(Que Marvin Sapp’s, Never Would Have Made It).
Kerry (my husband), would sometimes fall asleep with his hands on my back praying for me and pushing me through to get done with my assignments.
He was being an asset to me!

And as a result, he and the boys got to see me graduate from college!
You see, without him praying for me and not against me (acting as a hindrance), I never would’ve finished!
I wanted to quit everyday and as my husband, Kerry could have talked me out of facing the challenge by telling me to quit.
But no, instead he kept pushing me in the spirit to finish and God gave me strength to keep going!

WARNING: If your spouse doesnʼt push you toward your goals then you married a liability!

You’re welcome 😉

Here’s another real life example.

I remember when Kerry, started traveling for work.

Back then there were no GPS systems, just Mapquest.

He had landed in Pennsylvania, but still had to travel about 30 miles on a dark, snowy road only using Mapquest.

He was very nervous and anxious. So as calm as I knew how to be over the phone, I said, “Bay you can do it. Youʼre gonna find your way to the hotel”.

I had to pray and talk him through at the same time. And guess what? He found the hotel and made it safely in one piece.

A liability wife would’ve started speaking in doubt, making their spouse feel uncomfortable about traveling to a place they hadnʼt gone before.
As a spouse, this is never good.
Just like traveling to a new destination, marriage often brings uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations into your relationship. But if both travelers are willing to walk in faith, work together and yield to the Holy Spirit, they too will reach their destinations.  

By the way, wives did you know believing in your spouse is one of the greatest gifts you can give them?

Kerry, often says “every goal I accomplish is because you are my wife”.

Kerry and Syrketha Hale


 He says this because he is certain that I believe in him and I do.

That makes all of the difference when we as wives believe in our husbands!

When we’re assets and not liabilities in their lives, they begin to accomplish goals that were merely dreams before.

It’s our prayer that married couples begin to examine how each spouse affects the relationship.

Are you doing things to tear it down or are you striving to build it up everyday?

Don’t kill what God ordained to be a beautiful display of ministry and love.

We even encourage couples who are dating to seek God for their (asset) in a spouse before saying “I do”.  

If you donʼt, you’ll end up with someone that’s a poor fit and that depletes you more than they deposit into you.

Kingdom Couples, keep praying and striving to be all that God created you all to be!


The Hales

TKHC Marriage Ministry Leaders

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