They don’t believe in each other, the greater good or that things can really change for the better.  So it’s no surprise that belief in God is either at the bottom or non-existent on that list.

That’s why we were called to this work.  To show people the authentic, never failing love of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. We’re here to minister to the broken,

those that feel like hope can no longer reach them.  We’re here for the ones that have fallen away from their faith and want to be restored.  We’re here for those people that are searching for something more in life and we’re here for those that just want God, nothing more and nothing less.

In the end, that’s all we have to give anyway. 

You’ll get profound teaching of God’s Word with nothing added and nothing taken away and you’ll get it through authentic vessels that thrive on building the corporate community of believers.

Mission Statement

Our mission to the body of Christ l to ensure we serve God’s people by teaching and instructing them to live a disciplined life through Christ Jesus the Lord over all.   We are called to be good stewards for the Kingdom of God pertaining to God’s word, as we are the righteousness of God.

Our mission to the body of Christ; is to win as many souls for the Kingdom of God so that the name above all names can be glorified in the earth (John 12:32)!

Our missing being called to those in Christ; is to declare that we will not accept the world’s way but vow to re-establish accountability and order back to the church (Romans 13:12).

As ambassadors for Christ, we plant to upset the foundation of hell by allowing the full manifestation of the five-fold ministry to come forth with power and demonstration (Ephesians 4:11-12). TKHC, a threshold to the Kingdom of God!

Vision Statement

Our vision is to teach and prepare God’s people to live in a “Kingdom Mindset” – a spiritually reality of God’s spoken Word.  We fully confess Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord over all.  Therefore, we have been given the power and authority to subdue and occupy until the second coming of Christ!  We will labor until His Kingdom has truly come on earth as it is in Heaven!