5 Ways to Celebrate the Gift of Marriage Every Day

It may sound cliche but true love still exists, even in 2018.  

Let’s face it; chaos is running rampant in relationships period, not just marriages, so we know it can be a challenge to even believe that two people can have a solid, happy marriage these days.

The media always has some type of negativity being shown to relegate the sanctity of marriage.

Cheating scandals, sex tapes, multiple partners, you name it; have all been intertwined with the idea that marriage is not only unimportant but a seen as a joke.

Seriously, there’s nothing funny about bragging on your secret side piece.

Enough already!

The world may not believe in the sanctity of marriage anymore but that’s okay.

That’s where we [the body of Christ] come in.

It’s time for the Kingdom to stand up and put marriage back where it belongs; lifted before God.

Truth be told, marriages should be at the top of intercessory prayer lists everywhere, for the simple fact that strong marriages build strong families and strong families build great churches.

Ain’t that good!

Sadly, marriage is constantly being torn down by people that refuse to uphold its holy standard. And since it’s the first union that God blessed, if Christians don’t fight  for it or see the need to restore its order, who else will?

But like we said earlier, contrary to popular belief, real and true love still exists and it should be celebrated!

It may be hard to find at times and it does become a  challenge to maintain every now and then but nevertheless, it’s there, and God wants this kind of love to thrive in our marriages.

We are living witnesses of this truth because Kerry and I see marriage as a good gift from our Father.

The word of God says every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows [James 1:7 NIV].

Our (gift) of marriage is a treasure; an invaluable treasure from God.

So we want to admonish all Kingdom Kouples to see their marriage as a gift too.

A gift that God didn’t have to give you in the person of your spouse.

Yes, you read that right.

Even when you’re mad at him ladies, remember he’s still your gift that God could take back at any time!

So in honor of love month and learning to  appreciate the gift of marriage, we’ve come up with 5  Ways to Celebrate the Gift of Marriage with your spouse  every day.

1. Be Appreciative  

Use the magic words, “Please” and “Thank you” with your spouse. Trust us, they go a long way.

2. Compliment your spouse… regularly

Say something like, “Bae blue is your color. You look really nice today in that shirt”.

3. Show Respect /Honor

Show this to your spouse everywhere you go, at all times, no matter what

4. Be Gracious

Tell your spouse “Bae, I know you had a tough day. It’s all good, I got you!”

5. Always be fair with your expectations towards each other

Don’t ask something of your spouse you can’t do yourself

If you start using these five little nuggets throughout your marriage this year, we promise you’ll begin to see a change for the better in your relationship.

Before you know it you and your spouse will begin to appreciate the gifts you are to each other more and more!

You’ll discover love like you’ve never experienced and it will flow in your hearts and throughout your home.

Quality time will not be a task.

It will be easy.

You will find yourself hurrying home to your (gift) every day just to gaze in their eyes.

Oh yeah, love making will catapult into another dimension :).

You’ll find yourself speaking the words of Solomon,  Let him/her kiss me with the kisses of his/her mouth: for thy love is better than wine [Song of Solomon Ch. 1 verse 2. KJV]

No matter what situation you may find your marriage in God can and WILL make it all work together for your good.

If your marriage is good, God wants make it better.

If it’s great, God wants to make it excellent.

And if it’s bad then surely God wants to make it good!

After all, God created marriage so why wouldn’t he want to see his creation blessed?

He orchestrated it all from the beginning of time. So surely he knows how to navigate us through the traps the enemy has set against his holy unions.

Remember this…


Say that with your spouse today.

Let them know that as long as you’re both still willing, there’s a way, a way to brighter days ahead.

It may be tough at first but keep at; stay consistent in making your marriage better and you will surely see God’s hand over it

Stay blessed and always keep God first in your marriage.


The Hales

TKHC Marriage Ministry